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Helping you to thrive, grow, and be empowered!


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Spilling the Tea: The Journey to Freedom is an essential read for anyone seeking to break free from the shackles of their past and step into the fullness of God’s love and purpose.


Join MarvaElane on this journey to freedom and discover the joy and peace that await when you allow God to lead your way.

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Jumpstart Your Life!

Impacting lives and challenging the status quo is what MarvaElane, LLC is known for. Experience leadership with heart that dares to move you beyond your place of comfort into growth and execution.


MarvaElane LLC places emphasis on connecting with others; identifying potential, and guiding others to discover their true purpose. Transformation occurs, passion for living is restored, while confidence is built. Be empowered to be the best version of yourself and learn the power of your presence to be the change the world needs.

What I Specialize In

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Individual Coaching &

Team Building


Youth & Adult Empowerment






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The Journey Towards Leadership Begins on the Path of Self Love.

Begin Your Journey Today.

“There is no excuse for not being successful. Marva E'Lane will help you move forward in success by working with you and pulling out the greatness within even
when you don’t see it.”

- Shawna Jones
Owner of All4Bling

"Powerful, challenging, and resourceful! The training superseded my expectations."

- Vanessa Miller
Level Up Participant

“Marva’s session was life changing and transformational. My employee’s and ladies left her training inspired, excited to grow, and move in purpose. I will bring more of my people to the next training.”

- Lisa Moore
Business Owner
Life Changes, Inc.

“Very informative and beneficial. From this day forward I see me and my business partner soaring!”

- Patricia Wiggins
Business Owner
Hospice Home Health Care

“I paid so much money to attend a Ted Talk and then I came to Marva’s
empowerment and it was better than the Ted Talk! I learned so much and left
equipped to complete my goals.”

- Mr. T. Moore
Air Traffic Controller

Meet MarvaE'Lane

Leadership & Empowerment Expert

MarvaE'lane is a leadership experience professional with more than 25 years experience training leaders
and organizations to level up.


Using her expertise, MarvaE'Lane has helped businesses and organizations grow and prosper beyond what they thought possible. She has successfully led her own organization of over 950 consultants to being in the top .1% in the company.


MarvaE'Lane excels in successfully identifying problem areas in organizations, creating solutions,
developing programs, and executing change.

MarvaElane Burr helps you grow and thrive
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