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About Marva E'Lane

The presence of MarvaElane DuPree-Burr speaks volumes and commands attention whenever she walks into a room.   Graced with the ambiance of confidence, femininity, passion, and excellence; she is gifted to enhance any environment that she steps into.  She is a woman who loves God, loves people, and enjoys serving humanity.

MarvaElane has been in various roles of leadership for over 25 years. Whether in the office, schools, other diverse organizations, or religious establishments; developing and training leaders has always been a part of her responsibilities.  Her ability to observe, analyze, and create programs has produced successful results.  Her insight into leadership, program development, church organization, pastoral ministry, and worship has been requested by professionals, educators, counselors, religious leaders and business owners for workshops, seminars and conventions.

MarvaElane Burr will help you thrive!

"You either take control of your life or it takes control of you. It’s that simple."

More About Marva E'lane

MarvaElane is currently the CEO of MarvaElane LLC. This business is the umbrella that covers the multifaceted services of MarvaElane. She is dedicating the rest of her life to helping others become the best versions of themselves through leadership training, teaching, coaching, and public speaking.  She believes everyone has value and everyone has purpose. Her unique insight gives her the ability to look pass the surface of an individual, to penetrate the heart, and locate the real person inside. Her gift of nurturing, leadership, and wise counsel continues to create passion for the growth and development of people.  Aiding individuals to recognize their own potential and come into their own identity while building their self-confidence is one of her greatest strengths. 

MarvaElane owns Accessorize Me LLC. Accessorize Me is all about jewelry and accessories. She is also an Independent Consultant for Paparazzi Accessories multi-level marketing business.  She leads a growing team of over 950 women and men in her organization called, Elite Queens and Kings. They are currently ranked in the top .1% of the company and has been elite since 2019.

 MarvaElane is a licensed minister and ordained Pastor. She is currently the executive pastor of Grace Tabernacle Church. She has filled many roles in religious organizations, such as co-pastor, worship pastor, youth pastor and administrator.  She performs all clergy related duties: wedding ceremonies, baby christenings, funerals, and memorial services.

MarvaElane has a love for children and teenagers.  She taught school for the Clark County School District and Charter middle and high schools.  She has supervised youth programs in the community.  She is the founder of the Daughters’ of Royalty Mentorship Program for teenage girls and the founder of Today’s Youth, Tomorrow’s Leaders (TYTL) Youth Camp.  MarvaElane pours her heart out to the youth by taking personal time to actively engage with them. She teaches them leadership skills, proper use of manners, respect, responsibilities, education, and self-worth through fun activities and thought-provoking exercises. She encourages them and creates plans to help them reach their goals.


MarvaElane is multi-talented.  She is a recording artist with an extensive music resume. Her music has been on the radio stations across the United States and her music has also been requested in Korea, Europe, Africa, Indonesia, and Germany. She has made television appearances on the Bobby Jones Gospel Show and has been the featured guest in many events, parades, State Senate Inaugurals, anti-violence rally's, Feed Nevada recordings, National Anthem soloist for University Games and Events, Flamingo and Hilton Casinos, The House of Blues Gospel Brunch, Conventions and more. 

MarvaElane is an author and songwriter and wrote most songs on her solo album "From the Heart of ME" CD and pieces of her writings has been used for special events and occasions, memorials, and some printed in booklets. She is currently in the process of finishing her first book. 

MarvaElane is married to her gift of love, David C. Burr, who is her partner in business. Her greatest accomplishment and joy is being the proud mother of three sons, Joshu-el, Christopher, and Elijon Burr. MarvaElane was born and raised in Reno, Nevada and it is still the place she calls home.

MarvaElane is a woman who is taking her gifts, education, and experiences to help others excel.  Her life's mission is to be a light that brings hope and change to the world. Through programs that offer mentorship, education, and guidance she strongly believes with perseverance and dedication she will make a difference in the lives that she touches, the community she dwells in, and the world she lives in.

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